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We run online eco-sprints to design
sustainable solutions for businesses.

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A sustainable service design lab created by a shared vision to help businesses to transition from human centered service and product design to planet centric model.

Our eco-sprints are based on sustainable design thinking method to guide your business with the online tools and resources you need to make a net positive impact on the planet and your market. 

We pair you with a subject matter expert and guide you through the process of building scalable environmental solutions.

Planet centric service design uses value-sensitive tools and produce responsible innovation. Human impact on climate is influencing people to use products and services more mindfully thus triggering businesses to employ more sustainable business approaches.

As a conscious businesses owner, you seek to create positive impact and wish to establish long term value based connection with your clients.

We collaborate with global sustainable service and product designers to share the
best practices and co-create new methods, tools and futuristic experiences and solutions.

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Five-day eco-sprint will guide businesses through five stages:  

I    Creating awareness about SDG 13 and regional climate goals
II   Measuring your business impact to the environment 
III  Developing services  based on circular economy model 
IV Prototyping sustainable solutions 
V  Visioning sustainable brand identity

Every sprint starts with a consultation session to map the current state and the business mindset to prepare for the transition.

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Sprint for Planet has an online format that is easily accessible from all parts of the world.

The sessions are intense and demand preparation but from the learning aspect the process is light and fun. Facilitators have experienced many sprint formats and adjusted SFP to provide inspiring and uplifting learning experiences with clear results. 

Sprint for Planet integrates sustainable creativity and innovation into service design processes to make your business future-proof with online service design tools.

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These five days were full of discoveries. It is amazing how interconnected our world is and how we can find simple ways how to turn it into a better place.”

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I have always wanted to make my service into sustainable practice and Sprint For Planet was just the right format for me to start taking first steps.”

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My service is quite harmful for the environment and I was quite sceptical about the impact I could make. I am glad we had many fruitful sessions with the mentors that showed me ways how I can also contribute to more caring world.”

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Let's sprint for planet

Join us in creating services and products that thrive by making positive impact!

We are open to:
- running insightful planet centric design sprints
- giving workshops on planet centric approach
- local and global planet centric collaborations

Contact us and let's find ways to create sustainable futures!

NB! We are available for online and offline collaborations.

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